Welcome to Hamilton County Project Access

Hamilton County Project Access (HCPA) is a broad-based community charity created to provide access to health care for low-income, uninsured individuals in Hamilton County. It brings together doctors, hospitals, community clinics, and other partners to improve the health and well-being of the people of Chattanooga and Hamilton County. Since April 2004, Project Access has coordinated nearly $175 million dollars in donated health care to more than 18,975 low-income individuals without access to health insurance or a government-sponsored program.

Project Access is managed by the Medical Foundation of Chattanooga, the philanthropic arm of the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Medical Society.

Project Access patients receive a full continuum of care administered by a network of more than 900 physicians and providers, along with all area hospitals, who donate services to help our neighbors in need.

Project Access is a referral network that helps low-income uninsured Hamilton County residents receive medical care. If a patient doesn't have a primary care home, Project Access will help find one. If a partner primary care physician or partner clinic decides a patient needs to see a specialist, get medical testing or hospital care, he/she will refer the patient to Project Access to see if they qualify for the program.  Project Access patients receive an identification card that will help access services. Once enrolled, Project Access coordinates specialty and hospital care, including making appointments.  Most services are provided at no cost to the patient.





Hamilton County Project Access
(Medical Society Building)
1917 East Third Street
Chattanooga, TN 37404

We give thanks to these wonderful individuals and organizations who provide direct care to our patients, and to the generous individuals and companies who have supported Project Access program operations.
— HealthScope Spotlight